Split Wood Fires

by Woodsbum

Several people have told me that I take things for granted due to my upbringing. One of the things that I think probably fits that description is my ability to make fire, even in terribly wet conditions. To assist people in getting better at making fires, I searched around for a couple videos on split wood fires.

Split wood fires are just that: fires made from wood that has been split into smaller diameter sections. The nice thing about split wood fires is that you can get past a lot of wet or punky sections and just use the good parts, you can take big pieces and get them down to desired size without the need for aimless searching through the woods, and even allows you the ability to store large rounds that just get split up before use. It is a great technique and skillset to have.

Here is the first video I found. It goes over some basic ideas and fire lays to get you started.



This one is a bit more advanced and shows the use of a bit larger wood.



I would take every opportunity to practice these techniques and get good at using them. As an estimate, I would guess that about 75% of the fires I make in the bush are split wood type.


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