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Yard Work

by Woodsbum

Well, I have started my yard work projects that will include building a small herb and medicinal plant garden. This last weekend I had to replace the fence between myself and my neighbor to the back of my house. We did about 70 feet of “good neighbor” fencing, build a retaining wall to level his property and also dug up two huge stumps on my side so that I can start gardening a bit. I will have to set a new retaining wall around the tree in the corner as well as a fence to keep the dogs out. It should be nice.

Now I have to plan ahead to figure out how I want to build the wall and fence. If I use railroad ties there is a potential for the chemicals in the ties to mess up the fragile plants that I want to grow. This may require me to build myself something out of stone and set fencing around it. If I use cinder blocks, I can set the fence posts inside the blocks, thus making it stronger and less of a need to go to a taller fence to keep the dogs out. I may look at that as a possible method.

Now for the plants, I really want to do some serious research before I just go all “plant” crazy. There are definite things that I will have to look at such as medicine qualities, climate in which the plant grows best, etc. I also don’t want my plants to end up taking over the entire area so I will need to make sure that none of them start acting like blackberries either.

If anyone has any good suggestions for plants that will grow well in the PNW, let me know.

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Google Recording and Tracking

by Woodsbum

I found a post on SHTF School today about Google history and tracking. References to this are all over the Internet, but I had yet to actually find the settings until today. Once I pulled up my history page I was almost sick to my stomach. Every voice search I had performed for the last couple years was there. I could literally click  the audio file and hear my voice. The scarier one is the location search. There was several years of data stored up to include my trips back East for business and my daughter’s graduation. The even scarier thing is that it actually shows the exact route I took through the Everglades, all around the Carolinas, trips locally, and even the layovers on the flights I have taken.

Here is the link to see what Big Brother is tracking, that they let you know about.

After some searching around, I figured out how to delete my history and all the audio recordings. I have yet to figure out how to delete my location history. This really scares me because I don’t trust anything. It would be real easy to look at my location history and see that I like gun stores, being outside, and where I go. Since I am so paranoid, although I would never do anything that would jeopardize my gun rights, hunting rights or freedom, I would hate to somehow get profiled by Big Brother just because I want to be left the hell alone. Getting lumped into some “bad guy” group just for doing LEGAL activities that some libtard back East doesn’t like does scare me a lot.

Deleting the other stuff was pretty easy. The options are at the top of the page and you just choose “Settings” to get to the delete option. Maps and location are a bit trickier. Here are the instructions from Google:


View or delete your Google Maps history

Your Maps history shows you places that you:

  • Reviewed
  • Saved
  • Shared
  • Were asked to review
  • Answered a question about
  • Searched for recently

Your Maps history will only be saved if you’ve turned on Web & App Activity.

View your Maps history

To see your Maps history, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and open Google Maps.
  2. Click the Menu > History.

Delete Maps history

You can delete places from your Maps history one at a time. To delete all of your Maps history, you’ll have to use your computer.

To delete a place from your Maps history, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and open Google Maps.
  2. Click the Menu  > History.
  3. Check the box next to the item you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Optional: To delete a day, check the box next to the day > Delete.
  6. Optional: To delete all of your history, go to the top and click More three vertical dots > Delete options > AdvancedAll time > Delete.

Note: Deleting all of your search history from Maps doesn’t include places you’ve saved, shared, or were asked to review.


Whether you are as paranoid as I am or just want to keep nosey people out of your business, this is a good thing for you to look at. I noticed that places that I had never actually gone into showed up as “locations” that I had been on the map. For instance: I don’t go to Burger King, but there sure were a lot of them listed on my map. It makes me wonder if just driving by something will get it to trigger and save the location. You could get yourself into trouble in a place where there are more strip clubs than churches just by driving on the wrong road.

Good luck with this everyone!

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Oregon Letter to Dept Fish and Wildlife

by Woodsbum

I ran across this today and felt compelled to share. This is the letter that the Anderson family received:

OR DFW Letter

OR DFW Letter

This was their response:

Anderson Family Response

Anderson Family Response

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Sheriff Says to Fight Back

by Woodsbum

For those that don’t watch the news, there have been some really nasty things going on as of late. Terrorist islamic asshats have been killing people on American soil more and more now. There was a piece of shit that walked into a bar frequented by homosexuals and opened fire. He killed 49 and wounded 53. Now our own government is playing down the islamic connection between this jackass during his 911 call where he claimed responsibility.

Can you believe we are now living in a country where the Department of Justice and the White House downplay terrorist actions to make it easier to shift blame?

Here is an interesting video from a Sheriff where he basically tells people that it is time to start fighting back instead of constantly being victims.

I try really hard to be as unbiased as possible when I post things, unlike the media and White House. We are getting to the point in our country’s history where the tipping point between government control is going to overthrow citizen’s rights. There has got to be an end to this progressive, oppressive agenda. I just want to be left alone to spend time with my family, do things outdoors and live my life in a quiet and LEFT THE HELL ALONE manner.

Hopefully, something will shift the power away from these greedy bastards in office and allow Americans to no longer be slaves to politicians’ personal agendas.

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Wolves in Yellowstone was Good?

by Woodsbum

I ran across this video about the wolves in Yellowstone being a good thing. It really seems like an odd propaganda piece with very little discussion about what the wolves did to the elk herds, bison, and they had odd claims about increased small game when all Washington Fish and Wildlife numbers claim otherwise. Whether you are a wolf supporter or you disagree, it is worth watching this video for the beautiful scenery if nothing else.

Like most topics and political points, I would love to see the actual numbers on the wolf reintroduction programs that have taken place in the US. From what I have witnessed and from first hand accounts of what havoc these guys have caused, I am really on the fence about this one. I would like to have some wolf pelts, though.

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