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Black Friday Coupons – 2014

by Gunguy


$49 Kindle and $99 Kindle Paperwhite


• Pre-Black Friday Daily Deals + free shipping on $49 with code 4GIFTS (ends 11/26)
• Up to 60% off Thanksgiving Day Sale + free shipping, no minimum with code 4WINTER (valid 11/27)
• Up to 60% off Black Friday Sale + free shipping, no minimum with code 4WINTER (valid 11/28)
• Up to 60% off Cyber Week Deals + free shipping, no minimum with code 4WINTER (valid 11/29-12/3)

Midway USA:

$20 off $100 code: 14BLKFRI (valid to December 1)


25% off site wide code: XXVBFR (valid to December 1)

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Ham Radio Starter Kit for Emergencies

by GunGuy

Warning: If you TRANSMIT on frequencies reserved for HAM radio without a license you will be considered a “Pirate”. This is against FCC regulations and they can find you, fine you and take all your radio equipment.

Having reliable communications is always important but it is essential during times of crisis. I think it is imperative that you and your family have reliable communications in times of an emergency or disaster. If the power goes out and the landlines and cell towers are disrupted having the ability to communicate and gather information prevents you from feeling isolated and hopeless.

Keeping the above in mind and also wanting to price out a budget friendly starter package for the beginning ham radio enthusiast or SHTF emergency contingency I recommend the following. It’s cheap, works well and it is easy to add more radios as needed.

So after ordering several of the items listed above I have:

  • 2 Baofeng 2-way radios.
  • 2 Expert Power 7.5″ antenna upgrades. These are flexible and will not snap like the antennas that come with the radios.
  • 2 Handheld Mics. Good for clipping to your shirt.
  • 2 Spare batteries.
  • 1 Car charger. This plugs into the charging cradle and not the radio directly.
  • 1 genuine Baofeng programming cable

For a total of $152.57 I have two radios with upgrades and accessories which is less than one Yaesu FT-60R handheld.

List of frequencies included in the Chirp Emergency Radio Config IMG file here and Emergency Radio Config CSV file here. Same info different file formats.

In order to get you started on obtaining your HAM radio license here are two excellent resources. National Association for Amateur Radio and Practice Exams. The test is relatively easy to pass and just reading the Ham Radio License Manual published by the ARRL will be enough. You can cram for the test by reading the Q&A’s in the back over and over till you get them down.

1 70SPX1 446
2 2SPX01 146.52
3 2SPX02 146.535
4 2SPX03 146.55
5 2SPX04 146.565
6 2SPX05 146.58
7 2SPX06 146.595
8 2SPX07 147.42
9 2SPX08 147.435
10 2SPX09 147.45
11 2SPX10 147.465
12 2SPX11 147.48
13 2SPX12 147.495
14 2SPX13 147.51
15 2SPX14 147.525
16 2SPX15 147.54
17 2SPX16 147.555
18 2SPX17 147.57
19 2SPX18 147.585
20 FRS1  462.5625
21 FRS2  462.5875
22 FRS3  462.6125
23 FRS4  462.6375
24 FRS5  462.6625
25 FRS6  462.6875
26 FRS7  462.7125
27 FRS8  467.5625
28 FRS9  467.5875
29 FRS10 467.6125
30 FRS11 467.6375
31 FRS12 467.6625
32 FRS13 467.6875
33 FRS14 467.7125
34 GMRS1 462.55
35 GMRS2 462.575
36 GMRS3 462.6
37 GMRS4 462.625
38 GMRS5 462.65
39 GMRS6 462.675
40 GMRS7 462.7
41 GMRS8 462.725
42 MURS1 151.82
43 MURS2 151.88
44 MURS3 151.94
45 MURS4 154.57
46 MURS5 154.6
47 NOAA1 162.4
48 NOAA2 162.425
49 NOAA3 162.45
50 NOAA4 162.475
51 NOAA5 162.5
52 NOAA6 162.525
53 NOAA7 162.55
54 MVHF16 156.8

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Shooting my Smith and Wesson Mod 13-1

by Woodsbum

Finally got a chance to take out the .357 I got. I took it out and plinked with it a bit the same night I took out my KSG. The only time I could shake free of all my other commitments was after work and in the early evening, albeit just past dusk. All the shooting actually occurred via flashlight or with the aid of my truck’s headlights. It is also nice to note that it was 30 degrees, very windy and I had my family with me. Needless to say, it wasn’t all pina coladas and bikinis. There was a strong shiver influence with each shot fired, so keep that in mind…..

Here is the “semi” final configuration for this pistol. I have an M-3 military holster for it that I had to do some leather work on to allow it to fit over coats and a Butler Creek oversized hand grip on it until I get my custom corian grips built.

Current Configuration of S&W K frame

Current Configuration of S&W K frame

Due to the bad weather, my range was not the best in the world. I actually tried to take pictures of it several times, but it was too dark. Just so you understand where I was shooting, I live in a densely wooded region of the US that has a lot of logging that takes place. We were shooting on a skidder landing off the side of a logging road at about 3500 ft elevation. There were patches of snow on the ground, it was 30 degrees according to my truck’s thermometer, and there were 25+ mph gusts of wind coming off the edge of the ridge. The only way I could get a solid range for the distance I was shooting was to wander around with my range finder until I could get any reading I could. The ONLY range that I could get to register was 19 yards from the top of a rock sticking out of the ground to a stump that we used to prop up the targets. All shots were at 19 yards for as close to “scientific” accuracy as this redneck could muster at that time…..

These shots were fired at a IDPA cardboard target at 19 yards distance in high wind and through the use of my truck’s headlights. The first one shows the 158 gr .357 Independence brand cartridge results.

.357 158 gr Independence Results

.357 158 gr Independence Results

As you can see, I must have held a little low and left. For sake of my pride, I will blame gloves and environment for the poor shooting. I will say that it was not too bad considering I could barely see the old school fixed sights. Most of my aiming was by instinct and best guess since I couldn’t see the sights that well. For those of you who are not familiar with the sizing of these targets, the ring is 8 inches in diameter. This means that I had around a 4′ grouping. Also, for pride’s sake, I will mention that these were also the first 6 rounds I put through this pistol since I purchased it.

IDPA Target Specs

IDPA Target Specs

The next shots were taken with Remington 140 gr .38 Special. I was pretty frozen at this time for I almost forgot to shoot something to take pictures. As you can see, my son already got to this target a few times with the KSG we were also plinking with. Again, the range was 19 yards and in the same conditions. The only additional thing I would mention is that I had already been shooting for about 90 minutes and there are 2 holes right next to each other…  Yup. Almost put one in after another…  Oh yea….  Then again, forget the others that are not touching…..

.38 Special 140 gr results

.38 Special 140 gr results

Now I would like to point out that I also fired 1 round of Horady 140 gr Leverevolution in .357. I killed an empty .38 special box at around 12 yards with a single shot right through the center of the box. That tells me that all 3 of these rounds seem to hit in the same location at similar distances. I am sure that with someone warm and having a steadier hand, there will be some definite differences in trajectory and point of impact. For this cold and 1/2 frozen redneck at night and dealing with cold family members, I claim that the fired the same.

Since I decided to start increasing my firearms inventory beyond the firearms that I was intimately familiar with I have run across several that impressed me. This is definitely one that impressed. It impressed me more and I enjoy shooting it more than any other pistol I currently own, which really says a lot for those that know me. The only thing I have enjoyed firing more was my KSG.

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KSG Night Shoot and First Outing

by Woodsbum

Well, I have had this sitting in my gun safe for a couple weeks while I compiled my money for some sort of sight and got time to go try it out. Last night I made a flying run home after work, loaded up the family and we made a trip to the hills to go play with the KSG and my .357. My son also brought his new 12 gauge H&R single shot (which is an absolute riot to shoot as well).

Here is how my KSG looks now:

image 1

It has the following accessories:
1) Knight’s Armament verticle foregrip
2) LaserLyte Center Mass Green Laser
3) Vortx Strikefire II Red/Green Dot
4) Some light I got at a gun show – I broke somehow last night and am looking for a replacement

For those of you who complain about recoil:
Seriously? It is a 12 gauge. It’s recoil is less than my double barrel Stevens. It is even less than my son’s single shot H&R 12 gauge. If you think the recoil is bad on this then I suggest a .22, airsoft or some specialty built semi-auto that has recoil reduction accessories installed. We put 9 boxes of shells through it last night and 4 I burned through by myself. My son burned through 3 and my wife burned through 2. Again, I say that anyone with recoil complaints should rethink their own capabilities and quite blaming the firearm.

For those that think it jams:
Learn to actually use a pump shotgun. Quit short stroking it. We used up 9 boxes in the KSG alone and NEVER HAD A JAM. It worked flawlessly and was silky smooth.

For those that dislike the ergonomics from pictures:
It actually snaps up to give you a perfect sight picture quite instinctively. Since it is so short and easy to maneuver I never had a problem with snap shooting it and getting the butt caught on my bulky clothing (it was 30 degrees in the hills where we were shooting). The optic ends up right in front of your eye and it just ends up resting perfectly against your shoulder. Very nice fit and feel.

For those that think it is too hard to reload:
Sure, detachable magazines are quite common in many firearms. I don’t know if it would matter that much in a true SHTF situation. Having been prior military, I don’t see myself using this for much more than CQB/MOUT type situations anyway, so 15 rounds is much better than the 8 the shotguns they gave us held. It took a bit of time to reload with gloves on, but after I got the hang of it I was able to quickly fill it back up. I was definitely no speed shooter like the competition guys, but the quick target acquisition and smooth firing of this weapon makes up for a lot of the “issues with having to reload 2 magazines.” It really wasn’t that bad.

Uh…. Ok. Many AR’s require you to buy sights. Just because the gun shop tosses some MAGPULs on before you buy it doesn’t mean that it came from the factory that way. Ever buy a hunting rifle? No iron sights and not even a set of mounts are included with most I have ever seen……

$1000?!?!?!?! Seriously?
Well, a MSRP for a 870 Express Malpul FDE is $900 and I have rails already installed. A Mossberg 890 Magpul series is MSRP around $775 and has no rails installed. I guess you could take a wood funiture old Winchester Model 12 from a pawn shop and buy some accessories for it to make it “tacticool,” but the KSG is current and uses current technology in its production, comes with enough rails to hang about anything, and you can even install a choke tube adapter for around $100 with tool cost to run WinChokes at $15 per…… Even if I bought every possible upgrade for this weapon system I am out a total of $200 for the stainless followers, choke tube adapter and the tools to install both. Heck, I didn’t even have to buy a sling because it came with one…….

For those considering a tactical shotgun:
You can get cheaper shotguns that you can hang ever bell and whistle on that you would ever care to attach. You can see what I have on mine and it still weighs less fully loaded than most people’s “tacticool” 590′s and 870′s….. I didn’t even have to buy new rails, fore end, or anything because it already had rails on it.

All in all, I am completely amazed and in love with this firearm. It is very short and compact, is butter smooth, and works flawlessly. I am almost embarrassed to admit, but I was so excited to take this out last night I forgot to even clean it up. It was “tested” right out of the box with only the factory oil and protective crap they do to it. When I cleaned it up afterwards it was even more smooth and fluid. Any complaints about this shotgun seem far fetched to me after having fired it last light. Maybe either user error or jealousy? I don’t know, but the KSG is awesome…..

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Colt Cobra Range Report

by GunGuy

I picked a Colt Cobra revolver a little while ago and had a chance to take it to the range to put it through its paces.

I tried three different types of 38 special ammo. Since this revolver is over 40 years old and there is no way of knowing what kind of abuse it has seen over the years I wanted to only shoot the lowest velocity ammo that is commercially produced. I tried the following.

Hornady Custom 38 special XTP Hollow Point 158 grain – 800 fps
Magtech 38 special FMJ 158 grain – 755 fps
Inverted wadcutter handloads 158 grain – 650 fps

I was shooting slow aimed fire with two hands in single action at 7yds. It was 62 degrees outside and slightly cloudy. The best results came from the 158 grain Hornady 38 special hollow points. I was very surprised with the tightness of the group. The recoil was minimal across all three types of ammo with the lightest and most pleasurable being the custom handloads.

Pics below.

colt cobra right

colt cobra left

Colt Target Hornady

Hornady Custom Ammunition 38 Special 158 Grain XTP Jacketed Hollow Point at 7 YDS

Colt Target Magtech

Magtech38 SPL 158 Grain Full Metal Jacket at 7 YDS

Colt Custom

Custom handloads with inverted wadcutters at 7YDS

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