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We are a collaborative blog with a couple different people adding content. Most of the subjects are based around actual field time, learned through trial and error, or things that were passed along to us from places that we won’t admit to have been…..  Like Chugwater, WY or the sort.

After several years of being bugged for different things such as reviews of different types of equipment, lists of books and periodicals that we read, tutorials, etc., I finally decided to start compiling things in a single location. Several of my friends have been enlisted to assist with the content, particularly with areas that I know nothing or next to nothing. We shall see how well it goes, but so far things seem to be rolling.

If you feel the need to email us, you can at blog@ageofdecadence.com. I check emails regularly and approve/reply to blog replies as often as I can (daily at least).

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Bill Perkins

    Hi. I have a Walters hatchet with a hickory handle. It was purchased in the 1950’s by my father.
    The head is loose and I would like to know the proper way to tighten it and where to get the supplies to do this. Thanks.

    1. Woodsbum Post author

      If you decide to rehaft your axe, you can get a new one from House of Handles. Their website is http://www.househandle.com and their number is (417) 847-4889.

      If you decide to just try and fix what you have it can usually be done with a good soaking in BLO (boiled linseed oil). What this requires is a good LONG soak in BLO. This usually will soak into the wood and expand it back to a relatively normal size. Once it gets soaked and reconditioned with BLO, just add another handle wedge or two. You can get those at any hardware store or House of Handles.

  2. Marcus Gagnard

    Just found your website and thoroughly enjoy it. I could use your help. I saw your posting about building a wooden packframe. I have an LL Bean nylon continental ruck sack. I find it just a tad smal. I thought putting it on a frame and placing my bedroll outside the pack on the frame would solve my problem.
    If convenient could you supply more detailed information on construction. Anything would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    1. Woodsbum Post author

      When I made this frame: I opened a bottle of bourbon, a glass with ice, and went to town with power tools. The cross pieces have notches cut in them that slide into holes I made on the uprights. I then drilled holes for the paracord and started wrapping. Nothing magical and most drunken, redneck engineering to be honest.


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