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Helping the Family

by Woodsbum

Normally, I try to post about 3 times a week. Unfortunately, I was unable to post much this last week because I was out of town helping my father. He uses wood as a primary source of heat in his home. Due to health conditions, he had lost almost two months this summer and was unable to finish cutting/splitting/stacking the log truck of wood he had delivered in spring. Between three of us we processed almost 4 1/2 cords of wood and helped him get several other household projects completed. There is still about a cord left to split and stack, but my son is going to keep picking at it until it is finished.

The way that we completed this monumental task was quite dependent upon machinery. The logs were picked up by his excavator so that we could cut them to length. We then used a hydraulic splitter to split it up and then we moved it over to his shed with the bucket of his front end loader. Even though there could definitely have been some time savings by just strong arming much of it this method allowed us to keep working without physical strain or exhaustion.

Even though I have used log splitters in the past, I am amazed at how much time and effort they save. Large, knotty sections were no match for the splitter and it saved so much wear and tear on my back. Eventually, I am going to have to get myself one just for the sake of having a way to to split up wood if and when I need it. Depending upon a maul really is a horrible way to go when you are talking about filling an entire woodshed. My hat is off to those do it that way. I surely don’t want to.

What I do love about working outside on projects like this is ability to test my gear. Although I didn’t take too many pictures while I was working, I will take a few to assist me in telling you how it all worked out in the posts to come.

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Split Wood Fires

by Woodsbum

Several people have told me that I take things for granted due to my upbringing. One of the things that I think probably fits that description is my ability to make fire, even in terribly wet conditions. To assist people in getting better at making fires, I searched around for a couple videos on split wood fires.

Split wood fires are just that: fires made from wood that has been split into smaller diameter sections. The nice thing about split wood fires is that you can get past a lot of wet or punky sections and just use the good parts, you can take big pieces and get them down to desired size without the need for aimless searching through the woods, and even allows you the ability to store large rounds that just get split up before use. It is a great technique and skillset to have.

Here is the first video I found. It goes over some basic ideas and fire lays to get you started.



This one is a bit more advanced and shows the use of a bit larger wood.



I would take every opportunity to practice these techniques and get good at using them. As an estimate, I would guess that about 75% of the fires I make in the bush are split wood type.


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