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These are reviews of some books that we read that are worthy of mention.

EMP Los Angeles Book Review

by Gunguy

I came across EMP Los Angeles purely by accident on Amazon. I read the Kindle version last year and I was impressed with its gritty authenticity. The book follows three groups; a policeman trying to get home, his wife and child trying to survive at home, and those police officers left at his station house. It uses a typical 1-2-3, 1-2-3 style throughout, and it is very exciting. Initially I thought the book would benefit from editing but I gave Frank LaFlamme some leeway as it is his first book. Luckliy for those who haven’t read it the second edition is out and most of my complaints have been addressed.

The author Frank LaFlamme is a retired LA Sheriff’s Deputy, and unlike other authors he is writing about things with which he has personal experience. He may not have experienced the collapse of the LA power system, but many years of working in rough areas of LA have given him insight into the realities of street life and many individual incidents are based on incidents he or his colleagues experienced.

I’m a big fan of Post Apocalyptic fiction. The genre has expanded in recent years due to fears of the economy collapsing, global pandemics and National Geographics Doomsday Preppers. I read the books and watch the movies for entertainment value and I find the tough situations that the writers put their characters in very interesting. Most books are from a preppers perspective or someone who has gotten lucky. There are no books out there from a Law Enforcement Officers perspective during a shit hits the fan situation. That’s why I found EMP Los Angeles so interesting and exciting to read. I recommend it highly.


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Wilderness Survival Handbook – Free Kindle Book

by GunGuy

When you head into the wilderness, you want to have some fun, to see, feel and experience the wonders. But a dream can turn into a nightmare, putting you in a survival situation, injured or lost. Those are the situations this book prepares you for.

The Wilderness Survival Handbook is full of invaluable information, it tells you how to deal with a self-reliant survival situation. From constructing shelter to starting fires. From purifying water to setting traps and snares. About signalling and how to navigate. The basics of first aid. You learn about weapons and tools you can improvise from the hardware store that is Nature. This book is a compilation of some useful tips and tricks that everyone venturing out into the wilderness should know about. Literally, a book full of awesome.

Wilderness Survival Handbook

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American Sniper – Chris Kyle – Book Review

by GunGuy

American Sniper
is a remarkable story of heroism, patriotism, and self-sacrifice by an even more remarkable American, Chris Kyle. A Navy SEAL and highly trained sniper, Kyle is even more remarkable in his straightforward admittance that his accomplishments alone are not to be lauded, but the accomplishments and sacrifices of his fellow military men who sacrificed their vision, limbs, and some ultimately their lives in fighting for the freedoms that we often take for granted, yet hold so dear. It may not be much, but here is one American that is forever grateful and thankful to Chris Kyle and ALL of our brave men and women fighting for our country.

Kyle joins the ranks of such American sniper greats as Carlos Hathcock 93 confirmed kills during the Vietnam War, and whose sniper exploits were so eloquently related to the reader in these two books written by Charles Henderson; Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills and Silent Warrior: The Marine Sniper’s Story Vietnam Continues, as well as, other sniper greats such as; Chuck Mawhinney a U.S. Marine with 103 confirmed kills during the Vietnam War and Adelbert Waldron the previous U.S. Military record holder with 109 confirmed kills.

One particular aspect that I liked about how this book was written was the occasional viewpoint expressed by Kyle’s wife, Taya. Although both she and Kyle allude to problems both faced concerning each other and his absence during his military service, one can’t help but realize what a truly remarkable women Taya is and Chris was a damn lucky man to have her.

I really liked Kyle’s no apologetic statement that he enjoyed his job and took great pride in saving the lives of his fellow soldiers as they fought against the evils that they found in Iraq. Kyle doesn’t go into a lot of gruesome detail concerning that subject but he makes it painfully clear that unless you have actually been there and seen the evil that hasn’t been diluted by politicians and the media, then you really have no idea what it is like.

Kyle not only gives you a glimpse into the world that he and his fellow SEAL’s lived in during the Iraq War, but also the difficulties he faced when he came home in between tours and for good upon his retirement from the Navy. And although there were difficulties, he also shares some very humorous moments as well. I especially liked the story about the “burglar” breaking into his home while he was on leave and while he was still in bed after his wife left for work. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop for several minutes.

Chris Kyle was one of the finest soldiers the United States of America has every produced and one hell of a human being and a truly great American. I highly recommend this inspirational biography of an extraordinary human being to everyone.

Marine Sniper
Silent Warrior

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Plants Of The Pacific Northwest Coast – Great Book

by Woodsbum

One of my biggest weaknesses in bushcrafting has always been my ability to identify plants. Since my brother was an environmental sciences major, I had to hit him up for some help. His recommendation as a great start? This book:

Great Plant ID Book

Great Plant ID Book

Not only does this book have color pictures of each plant, but it also makes it easy to identify the plants. The only problem I have had was with breaking down the specific parts of the plant to help me find the right one. He is looking for another book to help get me up to speed on identifying the specific plant parts and structures so that I can more quickly find right page. When I get that one from him, I will add it for everyone. Until then, I definitely recommend this book and suggest you pick it up if you live in this area.

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Day of Wrath – Book Review

Just like his book, ‘One Second After’ Mr. Forstchen has the ability to put the reader directly into the very real scenarios that he describes.

In ‘Day of Wrath’ William R. Forstchen again dares to think the unthinkable by imagining the effects of a series of coordinated attacks on the American heartland by ISIS, the savage Islamist terrorist organization currently sweeping across SYRIA and Iraq – with its sights set on a Middle Eastern Caliphate ruled by Sharia Law. ISIS has also threatened to bring their brand of savagery to America, and this is what the author lays out for us – depicting the brutality of one eight hour period.

It’s frighteningly real and the reader can easily put him/herself directly into the story. Both of his books are must reads for Americans, especially those who don’t believe that our country is vulnerable to attacks.

Day of Wrath

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