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Wilderness Survival Handbook – Free Kindle Book

by GunGuy

When you head into the wilderness, you want to have some fun, to see, feel and experience the wonders. But a dream can turn into a nightmare, putting you in a survival situation, injured or lost. Those are the situations this book prepares you for.

The Wilderness Survival Handbook is full of invaluable information, it tells you how to deal with a self-reliant survival situation. From constructing shelter to starting fires. From purifying water to setting traps and snares. About signalling and how to navigate. The basics of first aid. You learn about weapons and tools you can improvise from the hardware store that is Nature. This book is a compilation of some useful tips and tricks that everyone venturing out into the wilderness should know about. Literally, a book full of awesome.

Wilderness Survival Handbook

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Duty, Honor, Planet – Free Kindle Book

Duty, Honor, Planet – Free Kindle Sci Fi Book – Free till Tuesday November 4th 2014.

Book Description:

Former Marine Jason McKay thinks his first assignment as a Military Intelligence officer—as the head of a protection detail for a Republic Senator’s daughter on her humanitarian mission to the star colonies—will be a boring waste of time. Until Aphrodite, the agricultural colony they’re touring, is invaded by an inhuman enemy that may threaten Earth, and McKay and his people are trapped far behind enemy lines.

Separated from his team during the attack, McKay has to try to keep Valerie O’Keefe, the idealistic daughter of a powerful politician, alive in the face of threats from an alien menace and a more mundane revolutionary front that is working to free the forced exiles from their servitude to the MultiCorps that run the colonies.

Meanwhile, McKay’s second in command, Shannon Stark, leads the remainder of the special operations unit in a mission to sabotage the invaders’ efforts to loot the resources of Aphrodite. The small group of commandos also attempts to learn more about the true identity of the their enemy, who may not be as alien as they believe.

Together, these two officers fight to survive, to protect the civilians in their charge…and to do their duty.

Duty, Honor, Planet

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