Yard Work

by Woodsbum

Well, I have started my yard work projects that will include building a small herb and medicinal plant garden. This last weekend I had to replace the fence between myself and my neighbor to the back of my house. We did about 70 feet of “good neighbor” fencing, build a retaining wall to level his property and also dug up two huge stumps on my side so that I can start gardening a bit. I will have to set a new retaining wall around the tree in the corner as well as a fence to keep the dogs out. It should be nice.

Now I have to plan ahead to figure out how I want to build the wall and fence. If I use railroad ties there is a potential for the chemicals in the ties to mess up the fragile plants that I want to grow. This may require me to build myself something out of stone and set fencing around it. If I use cinder blocks, I can set the fence posts inside the blocks, thus making it stronger and less of a need to go to a taller fence to keep the dogs out. I may look at that as a possible method.

Now for the plants, I really want to do some serious research before I just go all “plant” crazy. There are definite things that I will have to look at such as medicine qualities, climate in which the plant grows best, etc. I also don’t want my plants to end up taking over the entire area so I will need to make sure that none of them start acting like blackberries either.

If anyone has any good suggestions for plants that will grow well in the PNW, let me know.

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