Winchester 12 gauge Supreme Elite PDX1 Range Report

by Gunguy

My buddy and I came across the Winchester 12-gauge Supreme Elite PDX1 ammo while checking out a gun store a couple of weeks ago. We were impressed by the idea of a slug and 3 00 buck shot combo for home defense. The slick packaging and black shell casing definitely didn’t hurt either. The ammo cost about $12 a box with tax. At that price it’s not something that I’m going to shoot on a regular basis but I had to try it out to see if it was worth its salt.

I loaded up three rounds in my Remington 870 and fired three rounds at 15 yards / meters. I was using ghost ring sights on the 870 and the results are pictured below. My friend and I were very impressed. We wondered how the Supreme Elite PDX1  were packed so I went on the website and found that the 3 00 ought rounds of buck shot went toward the target first followed by the1 ounce slug. Let me know if you guys have any questions.












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