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Dehydrating Vegetables

by Woodsbum

The time has come again where I bust out my dehydrator. This week I found a great deal on frozen peas, carrots, and green beans. Somehow I wandered into an almost 40% off deal on store brand bags, so I picked up something like 20 bags of my “soup 3” as I call them. I also ran into a deal on carne asada so I grabbed a package to test it out. In a few weeks our plums should be ready to pick, dehydrate and store.

The reason that I like frozen vegetables for dehydrating is that they are already blanched. It completely skips a tedious step in the process of food preparation. Before you dehydrate fresh vegetables, they need to be blanched first. This involves dipping them in boiling water and then putting them in ice water. Some people say that this is unnecessary, but I have found that they rehydrate better when blanched without turning into veggie flour.

When I dehydrate vegetables, I use my Excalibur unit on 125 degrees for about 12-14 hours. For some reason it seems to take longer to get food dehydrated or jerked here due to humidity. My jerky for example takes about 18-22 hours with all 5 trays full. The carne asada that I use for soups is kind of greasy, but doesn’t have to be cut or prepared before turning into jerky. You can just put it on the trays right after marinating for 24 hours. No cutting, no carving, no fuss involved in the process.

Once I get done dehydrating, I use my Foodsaver vacuum sealer for long term storage. The fruits seem to last a couple years if I completely dehydrate them and seal them in this manner. I end up using my vegetables and jerky before the year is out so I don’t have a good handle on how long they will keep. My sealed packages are kept in a food safe bucket and lid. You can also put them in Mylar bags to keep them longer, but the buckets seem to work well.

I also keep barley and bouillon on hand to make my soups. I start by boiling up some water and then add barley, bouillon, and jerky. After cooking about 30 minutes, I add my vegetables and finish cooking. It should take another 30-45 minutes to finish cooking, depending on altitude.

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Ringing or Girdling a Tree

by Woodsbum

Ringing a tree is a great way to kill a tree that can be used later on as firewood. It will dry and cure in a standing position rather than getting all wet from sitting on the ground. Some species of tree will also drain a huge amount of pitch into its stump/root system so you will have a supply of fatwood as well.

Here is a video where a guy goes through the whole process.

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Google Recording and Tracking

by Woodsbum

I found a post on SHTF School today about Google history and tracking. References to this are all over the Internet, but I had yet to actually find the settings until today. Once I pulled up my history page I was almost sick to my stomach. Every voice search I had performed for the last couple years was there. I could literally click  the audio file and hear my voice. The scarier one is the location search. There was several years of data stored up to include my trips back East for business and my daughter’s graduation. The even scarier thing is that it actually shows the exact route I took through the Everglades, all around the Carolinas, trips locally, and even the layovers on the flights I have taken.

Here is the link to see what Big Brother is tracking, that they let you know about.

After some searching around, I figured out how to delete my history and all the audio recordings. I have yet to figure out how to delete my location history. This really scares me because I don’t trust anything. It would be real easy to look at my location history and see that I like gun stores, being outside, and where I go. Since I am so paranoid, although I would never do anything that would jeopardize my gun rights, hunting rights or freedom, I would hate to somehow get profiled by Big Brother just because I want to be left the hell alone. Getting lumped into some “bad guy” group just for doing LEGAL activities that some libtard back East doesn’t like does scare me a lot.

Deleting the other stuff was pretty easy. The options are at the top of the page and you just choose “Settings” to get to the delete option. Maps and location are a bit trickier. Here are the instructions from Google:


View or delete your Google Maps history

Your Maps history shows you places that you:

  • Reviewed
  • Saved
  • Shared
  • Were asked to review
  • Answered a question about
  • Searched for recently

Your Maps history will only be saved if you’ve turned on Web & App Activity.

View your Maps history

To see your Maps history, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and open Google Maps.
  2. Click the Menu > History.

Delete Maps history

You can delete places from your Maps history one at a time. To delete all of your Maps history, you’ll have to use your computer.

To delete a place from your Maps history, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and open Google Maps.
  2. Click the Menu  > History.
  3. Check the box next to the item you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Optional: To delete a day, check the box next to the day > Delete.
  6. Optional: To delete all of your history, go to the top and click More three vertical dots > Delete options > AdvancedAll time > Delete.

Note: Deleting all of your search history from Maps doesn’t include places you’ve saved, shared, or were asked to review.


Whether you are as paranoid as I am or just want to keep nosey people out of your business, this is a good thing for you to look at. I noticed that places that I had never actually gone into showed up as “locations” that I had been on the map. For instance: I don’t go to Burger King, but there sure were a lot of them listed on my map. It makes me wonder if just driving by something will get it to trigger and save the location. You could get yourself into trouble in a place where there are more strip clubs than churches just by driving on the wrong road.

Good luck with this everyone!

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Sheriff Says to Fight Back

by Woodsbum

For those that don’t watch the news, there have been some really nasty things going on as of late. Terrorist islamic asshats have been killing people on American soil more and more now. There was a piece of shit that walked into a bar frequented by homosexuals and opened fire. He killed 49 and wounded 53. Now our own government is playing down the islamic connection between this jackass during his 911 call where he claimed responsibility.

Can you believe we are now living in a country where the Department of Justice and the White House downplay terrorist actions to make it easier to shift blame?

Here is an interesting video from a Sheriff where he basically tells people that it is time to start fighting back instead of constantly being victims.

I try really hard to be as unbiased as possible when I post things, unlike the media and White House. We are getting to the point in our country’s history where the tipping point between government control is going to overthrow citizen’s rights. There has got to be an end to this progressive, oppressive agenda. I just want to be left alone to spend time with my family, do things outdoors and live my life in a quiet and LEFT THE HELL ALONE manner.

Hopefully, something will shift the power away from these greedy bastards in office and allow Americans to no longer be slaves to politicians’ personal agendas.

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The Lost Art of Cut Shells

by Woodsbum

Back before slugs were produced, people had to improvise a bit. What they came up with was a great way to use bird shot and make it operate as though it was a slug. Watch the video:

If you watched this to the end you can see how the entire hull shoots out the barrel and keeps the shot together until it comes in contact with the target. As it was explained in the video, you have essentially created a 70mm Glaser shell.

As you can probably imagine, these would fire best out of a break action shotgun and would probably not feed too well. I wonder if some tape would hold the shell together long enough to feed through a pump, but powder escaping the shell would be a concern.

I can definitely see this as a great self/bear defense round in a coach gun and now wonder if I should consider getting one for just this purpose. This is quite ingenious, however. Little tricks like this make me quite happy.

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