Beretta 92 Hammer Swap

by Woodsbum

My Beretta 92a1 has been getting some upgrades over the last few weeks. The newest is a hammer upgrade to the Elite II Beretta factory hammer. I have also ordered a Beretta D Version Hammer Spring and a couple Wolff Springs upgrades that have not come in the mail yet. Here is the hammer upgrade.

The stock hammer looks like this:

Stock Beretta 92 Hammer

Stock Beretta 92 Hammer

As you can see, it is a solid hammer with nothing really that special about it. The Elite II is a skeletonized hammer that is designed to speed up the cycle during shooting. When coupled with the other upgrades I am doing this should make this fire like a completely different pistol. The video I used to install this trigger is below:

The hardest part is driving out the pin used to hold the lanyard loop piece in the handle. You almost need a fourth and fifth hand to get it out without scratching things up. Then again, you almost need 5 or 6 additional hands to get the safety lever upgraded as well. This means that you should be used to the hassle by now.

I think the entire upgrade for the hammer took about 5 minutes. It was really easy, other than that stupid roll pin and not having enough hands to properly get the pin out. This is what the pistol looks like with the new hammer. You can also see two other things in this picture. One is the upgraded safety lever and the other are the two scratches I put in my slide during the safety lever upgrade. Ooops……

Installed Elite II Hammer

Installed Elite II Hammer

The actual mass of the hammer is much less in this skeletonized version. When I swap out the trigger spring later this week/early next week I also picked up a buffer pad that is designed to help with the way that the slide hits the frame during cycle. It isn’t much more than a felt pad (from the description), but it is supposed to help a lot and assist you with getting back on target after firing.

Here are the two hammers side by side so you can see the difference in mass. Unfortunately, I installed the new one before I thought about taking a picture. You can see the difference quite easily, though.

Factory and Elite II Hammer

Factory and Elite II Hammer

There will be a few more things that I am upgrading before I get a chance to do a range report, but I will keep everyone up to date as these changes are made. I really can’t wait to see how well it performs once all this work is complete.

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