by Woodsbum

In keeping with my edible plant posts, I am including the bedstraw. This plant is actually quite prevalent around here. I see it a lot while up in the hills.



The stems, leaves and flowers can all be eaten raw. If you eat a lot it can and will act as a laxative, so be careful. It is a good source of vitamin C, however.

There are a few varieties to include cleavers, Northern bedstraw and sweet-scented bedstraw. You can find it and all of the various varieties alongside low growing vegetation and disturbed soil sights. I see it a lot around relatively fresh clear cuts before all the new production is planted.

This plant is best when cooked, by the way. It will have little to no taste if you get a young plant. Older plants are a bit nasty tasting and you will think you are eating something out of a bale.

Keep your eyes peeled for bedstraw and give it a try!

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