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by Woodsbum

I know that lately, I have done a lot of gun type posts. It probably is getting a little overloaded with them to be totally honest. The reality is as such: I do a lot of gun related things and have to answer LOTS of gun related questions. As I have mentioned before, I use my site as more than just a repository of information for web surfers. When I teach classes I include quite a few links during my lectures and reference my posts for people during discussions. This allows me as close to a walking library of outdoors references as I can get.

Keeping that in mind, I have decided to just post an entire website as a resource. This guy is really knowledgeable due to having had lived in a communist country and been a member of their military. He has actual military training this the AK, unlike 90% of the US guys acting as if they truly know something about this rifle. Considering that this rifle is quite different in many regards that its Western equivalents, both new and old AK owners should check out his site.

The site that I am referring to is AK Operators Union. He does a wonderful job of breaking down the AK into easy to digest chunks, keeps things simple, and actually assumes nothing during his instruction. He just instructs and allows you to follow along and fill in any gaps you might have in your knowledge.

A couple of his videos that I highly recommend are the ones on cheek slap and the one on AK sites. The way that you are supposed to hold an AK is quite different than what you would think if you were used to shooting firearms based upon European/US design. Instead of just laying your head against the stock, for instance, you are supposed to choke your head up closer to the receiver on the AK. Your cheek bone is actually forward of the cheek rest. In regard to the sites, I was quite worried that my front sight post was off center quite a bit. He says that this is quite common and as long as it dials in accurately, the pin being quite off to one side is nothing to worry about.

I highly recommend the AK Operators Union site to anyone owning or thinking about owning an AK. The time spent searching and watching videos will help you out tremendously with your AK experience.

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