Ruffwear Boots

by Woodsbum

Not only for supreme cuteness factor, but for real reasons I decided that my dog needed some shoes. Since dogs tend to get hurt at one time in their life or another, I really thought that getting mine used to having things on his feet was important. Since I don’t tend to do things very half-assed I went all out and got some Ruffwear Boots for Angus.

Angus in boots

Angus in boots

As you can see in this picture, I started him young with the whole shoe wearing thing. Here are a few interesting things that I have learned about dog shoes during this whole training and wearing process:

  • Dogs don’t really like shoes at first.
  • Puppies think shoes are actually boxing gloves so be prepared.
  • Plan on being OVERLY watchful so that your dog doesn’t eat the shoes.
  • Dog shoes are OBSCENELY expensive considering what people pay for Pro Wings.

These Ruffwear do have a few issues that I have run across. The back ones flip over when Angus is running around and playing in them. He will come back with the rubber on top and the Lycra stuff on the bottom. I think that he might need a smaller set for the rear, but at $90 for a set of 4 I am holding off to see if I can find something more hunting style that won’t come off in the mud. Before anyone comments, YES THEY FIT AS DESCRIBED IN RUFFWEAR VIDEOS.

Oh, yea….  The back ones come off in the mud…..

I have also found that Angus actually has a tremendous increase in traction with these boots. He is able to do weird fakes and jukes that leaves our malamute a bit annoyed. It is such an increase that Angus will slip out and fall after I take them off, then come over to me to put them back on so he can mess with our malamute some more.

If I were designing these things I would have made them high tops or something. This would keep them from flipping over on the back feet and help protect the lower leg a bit more.

Here is a good picture of the fit on front and back feet.

Angus just chillin

Angus just chillin

As a final comment I will say that both Angus and I like the idea, increased traction, increased protection and comfortable feel of these Ruffwear Boots. I just think that they need better sizing options, such as ability to pick different sizes for front and back for dogs that have different sized feet. I also feel that the back ones need a bit better design so that they don’t tend to flip or come off as badly. Although I do have a few annoyances, I am glad that Angus has these things. If nothing else, they help protect the leather seats in my car….

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