Tobacco Pouch

by Woodsbum

I have been looking for a good tobacco pouch that really just screams “outdoorsman” for a while. Since I was in the process of having a sheath built for my son’s custom hunting knife, I asked the maker (Skab from BushcraftUSA) to make me a pouch. This is what he came up with.

Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco Pouch

I wanted something that was about 3 x 5 inches in size with a draw string and some fancy tidbits on it. Of course dark colored leather is one of my favorite colors, so that was a must as well. What Brandon came up with was quite remarkable. It is an elk hide pouch that was rubbed down with rendered bear fat to give it the worn look. The claw is from a badger and the other dangle is a piece of antler. The cordage is leather and done in a 2 strand twist style for appearance as well as strength.

Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco Pouch

The overall effect is quite nice and I love the style. This is how I will be carrying my pipe tobacco to the field from now on. It really is quite amazing work.

If you want to get in touch with Brandon, you can hit him up on in his vendor forum. His prices are quite reasonable considering each item he does is a one off in a custom design.

Skab's mark

Skab’s mark

If you run across this maker’s mark, you know it is quality and handmade. Make sure to hit him up if you need something that is quite rustic and antique looking. He works in leather and rawhide.

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