Testing My Mosin

by Woodsbum

This last weekend I took out my Mosin I installed into the Archangel stock. Because it was a used barrelled action I tied the firearm to a tree and pulled the trigger with a length of 550 cord for the first 4 or 5 times. It fired without issue and had no problems at all so my father grabbed it and finished out the magazine. It fired 10 rounds just as if it was new from the factory. By the end of the day I put 4 boxes (80 rounds) through the rifle. Not once did a magazine malfunction or the rifle fail to feed.

The Archangel stock is actually quite pleasant to shoot. The only issue is that the recoil pad tends to almost stick to your shirt and skin, thus causing your skin to pull a bit when getting the rifle shouldered. I may look at swapping out the recoil pad later on, but it isn’t that big of a deal one way or another.

I did find that the front sight needed adjusting, which considering the obvious rough life this rifle has seen didn’t surprise me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a front sight tool that worked so I ended up using a piece of metal and a chunk of wood to tap the post over a touch and get it more on target.

Although it seemed to hit in the same location, quite consistently I did not take the time to get into a good position and put it on paper. Considering that I was able to hit an anti-freeze container 9/10 times at 80 yards offhand, I figure that is accurate enough to consider this build a success at this point. Again, the rifle never failed to feed nor did it jam up at any time during the 80 rounds that we put through it.

My father took the other barrelled action with him to drop off for some lathe work. A guy he knows does machine work out of his home and offered to clean up the muzzle and recrown it. When I get it back and test fired I will order another Archangel stock, scout scope mount and a scope.

For those of you who have an old Mosin Nagant that has been beat up and/or Bubba modified I really suggest you spend the money for an Archangel stock and some magazines. The finished product is really a lot of fun to shoot and fairly comfortable.

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