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Civil Unrest / Natural Disaster Home Preps

by Gunguy

So all this civil unrest has finally made some people I know really want to get involved
with prepping. They have asked me how they should start out and what to keep in mind. In order to not overwhelm them I suggest the following as a minimum to keep in their homes. I recommend enough supplies to last them at least a week.

  1. Water – I store 3 gallons per person per day. Useful fact: Each 24 count case of 16.9 oz water bottles equals 3.16 Gallons.
  2. Food – Store what you normally eat and possibly some Mountain House freeze dried food for convenience. Make sure you try it before the emergency occurs to see if you like it.
  3. Portable gas stove to prep food and boil water. Get extra fuel. Open the window when cooking for air flow.
  4. Portable Toilet – 5 gallon bucket with seat lid. Toilet paper, baby Wipes, 13 Gallon trash bags for waste and any feminine products go inside the bucket when being stored.
  5. Big hand sanitizer to disinfect hands and save on water.
  6. Emergency AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio. Hand crank and solar powered radio.
  7. Headlamp flashlights and extra AAA batteries.
  8. Emergency lantern and DD batteries.
  9. External battery pack to keep phones/ipad charged for several days without power.
  10. Security Door brace to reinforce your door(s).
  11. Cash – small bills.
  12. Safety – Whatever weapons or harsh words you can legally use to defend yourself.
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