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Beretta 92a1 Field Review

by Woodsbum

I went out and tested out the work done to my Beretta just to see how it would shoot. Unfortunately for you, the reader, I have no pictures due to several reasons:

  1. I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures when out shooting.
  2. When I shoot, I do not shoot targets. I normally shoot clay pigeons, potatoes, or tannerite.
  3. Going out and cooking off some rounds is very therapeutic for me, so I don’t pay much attention until after I have started putting things away.

Here is what I can tell you about how well it shoots after all the upgrades and modifications I made to it.

  • The trigger pull is very smooth with much less effort needed in both single and double action.
  • The cases are no longer being flung 10 yards away when ejected. They travel about 10-15 feet and land all in about the same area.
  • The pistol now comes right back to target after each round is expended. It is now a very easy and gentle jump of the barrel. Double tapping or swapping targets while coming right back to a nice sight picture is so easy.
  • The clunk felt when the slide hit the stop was very obvious and deliberate. The recoil buffer I put in really made that less of an impact.
  • This part is hard to put numbers to, but it actually felt like it was quicker to cycle rounds.

All said and done, I am VERY happy and impressed with the final product. Anyone that has been thinking about doing some work to their Beretta 92 should look at all the modifications I made. It will raise your pistol to an entirely different level.

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