Roast Wild Duck

by Woodsbum

In continuing with my wild game recipes, I have included this one for roast wild duck to the list.

Start off by plucking the feathers and cleaning it properly. The wash the duck thoroughly and dry it.

Use your favorite bread crumb dressing, but just ensure you use more onion for duck than you do for turkey. The onion brings out the flavor of the bird much more. Also it is important to note that the dressing helps to soak up a lot of the greasy texture from the meat.

Once stuffed, sew the duck up and line your roaster it is important to salt and generously pepper your duck. I also like a touch of sage. Then place some strips of bacon on the bird and cover.

Heat your oven to 300 degrees for about 30 minutes, then lower your heat to 250 and bake for about 3 hours. Continually baste to keep it moist.

I usually do between 4 to 5 wild ducks in a single roaster. Adjust your cooking time based upon how many you cook at a time.

Use the drippings to make a gravy as if you were making turkey gravy. The gravy goes quite well with red potatoes. Although I don’t like dressing, the bird seems to cook better and less greasy with the dressing so I highly recommend you don’t go without it.

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