How Much Brass do I have?

by Woodsbum

I collect range brass everywhere I go. When I find spent cases from calibers that I reload, I am as giddy as a fat kid in front of a dessert buffet. The only problem I have run into was estimating how many cases I have collected. Of course I don’t want to sit there and count out every single one of my little treasures, so I was pretty pleased to find this basic chart. It only has a few calibers, but lucky for me I reload for all these except the .40 S&W.

Case weight chart

Case weight chart

Now I can get some relatively good guesses at how many cases I have collected without having to sit there and count out all my brass. A point to note is that these estimates are all based upon uncleaned, fired cases with the primer remaining…..  ie range scrounged pieces of candy!

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