Ka-Bar TDI Knife Review

by GunGuy

I’ve owned a large Ka-Bar TDI knife for over 5 years. It’s really easy to carry the knife in a discreet manner as a backup or primary every day carry (EDC). I carry the knife on my support or strong side depending on the circumstances and clothing. Those who have a few extra lbs around the middle will find that it digs into their side when carrying it inside the waist band (IWB). I found this out the hard way as my weight fluctuated over the years. Clipped on the outside of the belt there is no issue.

The  knifes sole purpose is to be an emergency last ditch self defense knife. It comes sharp from the factory but I touched it up with a leather strop to make it razor sharp. This knife doesn’t get used for anything that will dull the blade.

The Taiwan made Ka-Bar TDI ships with a kydex sheath, and includes two straps with velcro and button snaps that make it compatible with Molle webbing and belt carry. I added the Ka-Bar TDI belt clip to give me some versatility while carrying IWM or OWB. The belt clip is personal preference and is not a requirement for carrying it effectively. For the price of $45 for the knife and $10 for the belt clip it’s a good deal and it’s worth the money.

KaBar TDI Large
KaBar Belt Clip

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