Inova Flashlight

by Woodsbum

Flashlights seem to be a big discussion item whenever you get in a group of guys talking about firearms. There are the old school Maglight guys, the headlamp hunter types and the tactical flashlight lovers. Personally, I don’t care what light I use as long as it lasts for quite a while and is very bright. By “lasts for quite a while” I refer to the lights ability to take abuse and still keep working. My friends know how I am and one of them passed along one of the lights that they use all the time. This is how I ended up finding Inova lights.

The Inova I carry is their T1TMB-HB T1 model. To make it easier for you to find or see what I am using I linked the model to Amazon for you.

This is a single LED light, but is 211 lumens on high output. It also has a low output of 20 lumens, which is about the same as a Mini-Maglight. It also has a strobe feature. All these options are accessed by pushing the button in rapid secession depending on which option you want.

I now have 2 of these flashlights, both of which I use as my “tactical” flashlight options. One is mounted to a QD rail attachment for putting on either my shotgun or rifle. The other I have next to my bed along with my 1911. Interestingly enough, they seem to be VERY tough. Mine have been all but drowned in rivers/streams, dropped off rocks, withstands the forces of both shotgun and rifle recoil, and even was run over by my truck which I really don’t want to talk about.

If you are looking for a higher quality flashlight without spending all the money on either a SureFire or 5.11, then this might be an option for you. They have models between $20 (I have one of those as well that didn’t die until I attached it to my 12 gauge and it stuck out past the barrel too far) to prices well over $100. I recommend the one I got for around $50.

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