GRAYMAN Satu Folder

by Gunguy

I picked up the Grayman Satu folder a few months ago. I saw the pictures on the Grayman’s Knives website and I knew the knife was going to be big. It still did not prepare me for the size of it when I opened the box. It’s one hell of a big knife.¬† The first thing I did was inspect it closely. The knife did not have any machining marks or scratches and all the screws were tight. The action was initially stiff. I put a little white lithium grease in the action before¬† I began to open and close the knife a couple of hundred times in each hand over the next several days to loosen it up. I know that may seem a bit obsessive compulsive but it’s the way I get familiar with the action of a folding knife. This way I get very familiar with the knife and opening it becomes second nature in both hands.

I primarily wanted to use this knife as a hiking knife. I was looking for something very well built that I can put in my pocket or backpack. Since I live on the east coast I have to be more discreet than those of you who live elsewhere. The knife has a really strong clip that will hold on to your pants like a leech. It might be a little to tight in case of an emergency but I’m not carrying this knife as a self defense weapon. You can definitely use it as such but that’s not it’s main purpose. I would like to test this knife further but I can’t bring myself to start chopping at branches just for the hell of it. For now it’s residing in my home waiting for it’s first trip into the woods. Until then I will have to leave you with a bunch of pictures.





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