Cooking Bannock

by Woodsbum

One of the many great things about camping is a wonderful treat called bannock. Cooking bannock and making bannock is as much an art as it is a treat to eat. The closest way to describe it is hard tack.

Bannock is nothing more than flour, baking powder, water, and whatever spices you desire. I personally like sugar and cinnamon for breakfast or dessert, but mixing bacon grease and a bit of salt work well when used as a hard tack.

Here is a great video about how to cook over an open fire.



This video is about actually making bannock. Remember to experiment a bit with the spices. I know some people that go so far as to add bacon bits and grease so that they have an actual meal/snack or add marshmallows, sugar, chocolate chips, etc., for a dessert. Raisins are also not a bad addition. You can even go far as to use bannock on top and bottom of a bunch of preserves in the middle to make a great Dutch oven cobbler.



Again, just have some fun and test some things out!!!

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