Coal Forge

by Woodsbum

This week I have spent every available moment working on my Truck. Last fall, I ended up losing the engine and mistakenly picked up a long block that was built by S&J Motors out of Spokane, WA. From the beginning there was trouble. The first time I turned it over, there was a really bad tappet sound like the valves needed adjusting. The problem with adjusting the valves is that the lifters are hydraulic. There is no adjustment for them. Days, weeks and months of fighting with this motor and S&J finally led me to where I am today. I had to do the following:

  • Replace the flex plate
  • Replace the lifters
  • Replace the timing chain tensioners
  • Disassemble the engine back to long block or there about several times
  • Change out coil packs
  • Remove rockers to check valves and springs
  • The list goes on and on…….

I now have the timing chain tensioners installed, but after the last time I ran the truck and drove it around the block to see if the noise was associated with some hydraulic lifter/tensioner I now have what seems like a cylinder misfire or burned valve.

S&J has been 100% useless in this entire process and have basically just thrown out things for me to look at. They are doing everything that they can to somehow blame me for this engine that didn’t even have the timing chain tensioners adjusted correctly when they shipped it to me.

How does all this issue with my truck even remotely have anything to do with a coal forge? Well, I am glad that you asked – Without my truck, I have been unable to go pick up the coal forge and tools that someone is going to give me if I drop by to pick it up.

Since I have no truck, I am going to have to drive the 500 miles round trip and haul this entire setup back in our Subaru Outback. Hopefully, this forge breaks down to a point where I can make it fit in the back of the car.

If all goes well and I get this forge back to my place, I will be starting to make things the minute my current projects are caught up. This means that it will probably be some time this fall at best. There are 2 motorcycles, a truck, flooring in the house, 35 feet of fencing, painting the eaves of the house, a retaining wall and transporting 3 trailer loads of yard debris and trash to the dump before I can even think about starting a new project. “If I want to keep from getting throat punched by my wife, I will have to get those other projects completed first,” is what I should have said.

Keep your fingers crossed for me because if I can get the forge, I will start to make some things and sell them on my website at seriously discounted prices.

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