UPS – Friday Madness

by Woodsbum

For several years now I have been having issues with UPS. For some reason they have our entire building (business address) flagged as “Closed on Friday.” Considering how much I order from Amazon and other online retailers for personal purchases, let alone how much I order through our company, this is really a problem.

For over 7 years now we have been having the local hub “remove that note” on all “tenants at that property.” This is the exact verbiage that they use. The problem is that nothing gets fixed. Whenever I have to call to have a package tracked down I am told that “the driver flagged that address as closed on Friday.” There lies the discrepancy…. Is the driver, who adamantly denies having anything to do with it, lying about pushing Friday deliveries to Monday or is their supervisor lying about the system message? Either way they cannot fix the issue and get us our packages in a timely manner.

The funny thing is that this hub is also well known for not “receiving freight” in a timely manner either. They tend to not scan packages and let them sit for several extra days. It is easy to tell because the shipping will show that something left one location and didn’t arrive at another place less than 100 miles away for up to 4 days. That is one slow Pony Express ride. Carrier turtle maybe?

All this rant is because I was planning on doing a post on the Lee 50 BMG reloading kit that I got earlier in the week. Somehow it took 2 days for my package to be transferred 10 miles. This allowed them to pull their “Friday closure” crap and not have to deal with the box until at least Monday.

Now here is the kicker: I was told by the “supervisor” that the box was on a trailer and they “couldn’t find it and process it” so that I could pick it up personally. Hmmm….  Can’t find it and process it. This means that the box was NEVER TAKEN OFF THE TRUCK and they just entered a “Business closed on Friday” entry into the system. This has to be the case or they would not have to “find it and process it” to know where it was located. It should be sitting in a location that is ready for the next delivery route, thus easy to “find and process.”

UPS here is pathetic at best. I hope you don’t have to deal with them.

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