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Vortex Viper PST 2.5 – 10x32mm FFP Riflescope Review

Last year I was on the look out for a new scope for my DMR rifle. I purchased the Vortex PST 2.5x 32 mm scope after talking to some friends about their experiences. After using the scope for over as a year I find that the Vortex Viper PST 2.5 – 10x32mm is an excellent scope for the money. The optic is very clear and bright and the finish is a nice matte black. The turrets have the right amount of resistance to them and have a nice positive feel so you know that you have moved the turret. The turrets are easy to read and setting the zero stop with the included brass shims is a breeze.

In my extensive testing the scopes adjustments seem to be accurate. I have used the scope out to 650 yards and consistently hit targets I was aiming at. I have used the shim stop system and it  works well. The illumination works great at dawn, dusk, and night. The illumination is not bright enough to been seen during the day but that’s not really an issue since you can see the reticle without any issues. I really like the reticle on this scope as it is very clear and easy to use. Using the mil system to calculate range is easy at most magnification settings except the lower ones.

This is my first, first focal plane scope and so far I am liking it. The eye relief is very generous in the horizontal plane at all magnification settings. The ring that changes the scope’s magnification is pretty stiff and will not be moved on accident. I am able to change magnification with out problems as it feels smooth when the ring is turned though I will be adding a Vortex SV-1 Throw Lever to aid in rapidly transitioning through the magnification settings.


I only have one major con and that is that the reticle is pretty small at 2.5x magnification and can be hard to see on darker backgrounds. That is a con of a first focal plane scope though. That being said I don’t think I would want the reticle made thicker to make it easier to see at 2.5x magnification because it’s just the right size at 10x magnification.

Overall I would highly recommend this scope. Especially for a DMR or SPR type rifle. It’s about as close to perfect for that setup as you can get. I have mine mounted on my PWS AR and it’s working great so far.

DMR/SPR Parts List:

Vortex PST 2.5-10x


PWS Viper Vortex PST

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