Living Off The Land in Alaska

by Woodsbum

This morning I ran across a website that journalled the time this guy spent living off the land on Admiralty Island in Alaska. Many people think that running up and into the woods to live off the land is an easy feat. The problem really revolves around food preservation for those lean times of the year where game and plants are not as plentiful.

This guy did a great job with his canning and planning ahead. I have not read his entire journal, but from the several months of his excursion that I read I found it to be quite informative.

His website can be found here and the direct link to his journal can be found here.

One of the great things that this guy did involved truly planning ahead. He brought a wood stove and good tent so that he could withstand the colder months. He also brought numerous different ways to catch game.

The writing and descriptions seem to be very well done so this should be an easy read for you guys. Let me know what you think!

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