Lee Bulge Buster

by Woodsbum

I have been having one heck of a time with some reloaded .45 ACP rounds cycling properly through my 1911. My father mentioned that there was a product called the Lee Bulge Buster. It works to remove the funny bulge that is left from unsupported chambers found in firearms like the Glock. When reloaded, these rounds tend to not properly fit into a fully supported chamber.

This seems to be a $40 tool that can even remove the bulge in loaded rounds. I am actually quite amazed and VERY excited to get the almost 1k rounds I have laying around fixed so that they can actually feed and chamber properly.


The kit and a factory sizing die is required. Do not use a taper die. It will not work. Just take the internal parts out of the sizing die and it will push the cartridge through.


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