LaserLyte Kryptonyte Green Lasers

by Woodsbum

Well, I have been depending on Gunguy to put up posts for me as of late due to some SERIOUS house modification/renovation taking place. By “taking place” I should reference the fact that I am doing it all…. A few friends and relatives have kicked in, but the time on my roof and slinging nails wildly takes away from my ability to get out and give you any new bushcraft type posts. I have, however, had the opportunity to install and play around with a few really nice items that I procured recently.

Enter the LaserLyte systems that I picked up for my wife’s and my AR15’s. I picked up one of the LaserLyte Carbine Green Laser Systems for my wife and I got one of the LaserLyte CM-15 Center Mass Kryptonyte Laser Sights for myself. For the list price versus the actual price, I was a bit concerned as to the quality of the laser. When they arrived, I was even more concerned because the packaging was not what I expected. It was in a simple plastic package that made me a bit more skeptical as to whether I had spent my money wisely. For $300 list price, I was expecting a box at least.

When I took it out of the packaging, the quality seemed much better than I begun to fear. The unit is solid and actually looks like it will take some abuse, but I doubt it is on par with a Vortex scope. Only time will tell on that one. The installation is quite simple and I found that the screw on covers for the adjustments do feel sturdy and of decent quality. I was, however, a bit annoyed that sight adjustments must be made with an Allen wrench. They do supply the correct size, but it is going to make field adjustments that much more difficult if I have to keep track of a small Allen wrench.

Both models are the same quality and have, thus far, not had any problems with being bumped around and dropped repeatedly after installation. While I still had a warranty, I wanted to see how durable they actually were before I got to the point where I would depend on them. Again, they are surprisingly durable.

In regards to the important part, the laser itself……  Wow. The carbine laser is very easy to see and is dead on accurate up to the 100 yards that we tested it at. The “Center Mass” one was not as visible and is definitely built for a shotgun. The pattern is very sweet, however. I will be replacing this with the Carbine model for my AR and putting the Center Mass on my Mossberg 500. That should be fun.

Laser Pattern for Center Mass

Laser Pattern for Center Mass

Several reviews from Amazon have stated that they quality was not worth the money and the laser system breaks after only a few rounds. We put 7 30 rounds magazines through each of our rifles. The sight did not deviate from where it was originally set, there was no cutting in or out of how bright it was, and there did not seem to be any issues to speak of. We will keep our eyes on the sights and make sure nothing bad happens. If it does, I will post it and link to this post.

All in all, the reduced price for this laser makes it worth the money. I don’t think that the original list price makes this a decent value, but around the $150 mark it seems reasonable.

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