Hunting Dog

by Woodsbum

I was going to continue my body armor posts last week, but had a small detour. My puppy was ready for pickup. This is Angus, by 6 1/2 week old yellow lab. Although he isn’t registered, I think he will end up being a great bird dog. His temperament is great, he seems to be crate trained regarding bathroom necessities after only a few hours, and is already recognizing his name and our voices after only 1 day. This little guy seems like a great find.

Angus the yellow lab

Angus the yellow lab

His mother had to have a cesarean and thus he was bottle raised until a couple weeks ago. I will be fixing his grocery store dog food diet and put him on sporting dog food this week. Changing food is always a tough go because they end up with stomach issues many times. He also will be starting his obedience, swimming familiarization and bird familiarization training this week as well. This little guy doesn’t know it, but he has his education all planned out.

I usually start with only a couple minutes of actual training every couple hours. It builds up to about 15 – 20 minutes training sessions with constant reinforcement between sessions. I go for little amounts over time with 100% consistency to ensure that the pup knows what is expected at ALL times. The dogs I do this with just end up much more interactive and responsive in my opinion. If I was training him for someone else, I would do it differently. The method I use makes a REALLY strong bond between me and the pup. I wouldn’t want that if I was training him for someone else.

As I run across things I will continue to post them up here.

Here is a parting shot:

Sleepy puppy

Sleepy puppy

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