H Fire

by Woodsbum

Every once in a while I run across something that strikes me as a no brainer, but needs to be said. The H fire is one of those things.

In this video a SERE instructor goes over the H fire and how to use it. He uses a green stick to set up his canteen cup, but it can also be used for heat. The video doesn’t cover it, but if you take a few rocks and place them around your small fire they can be heated and used as everything from bed heaters to hand warmers. Back in the day, my old Boy Scout leader used to have us heat rocks with small fires to help keep us warm while we were sitting around during classes. We also used the H fire idea to hide our Sterno fires and white fuel stoves when I was in the military.

The base concept of the H fire really has multiple uses and you should keep this design in mind as a way to either hide or protect your fire as the situation dictates.

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