George W. Sears – Nessmuk Online Learning

by Woodsbum

George W. Sears is better known through his pen name of Nessmuk. Many of his teachings in woods skills have become the cornerstone for today’s bushcrafting movement. It is truly amazing to see how he was able to build an entire camp out of the most basic and simple hand tools.

What I have done is linked to his book here. Even though it is a bit of a read, especially when he starts discussing his favorite equipment, but the camp techniques are those that really should be evaluated and scrutinized. He talks about fire lays, his preferred tent, how to fish, cooking over open flame, and just basics that every outdoors person should know. You don’t have to do it his way, but knowing what many consider “foundations” of camping is a great way to make your preferred method that much better. Many people, for instance, do not use reflectors for their camp fire to radiate the heat back toward your shelter. This is ok to do in many situations, but it helps SO much when you are in colder climates or camping with only a tarp.

Take a look and see what does or does not apply to your particular style camping. I will bet that many of his techniques will have its roots in what he did 100 years go. Just remember to take what you can use and then process the rest as a foundation for further learning.

Happy camping!!!!!

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