Calibre Fanboys – a Rant

by Woodsbum

If any of you have even so much as looked around a little on my site, you know that I love guns. I love big guns, small guns, your guns, my guns, and even those that I want to become mine. Guns are a definite passion of mine, probably because I grew up around them and started hunting the fall before my 5th birthday. There is just a breathtaking beauty in watching a truly experienced shooter squeeze off a 1000 yard shot, the pure speed and accuracy in a champion cowboy action shooter or even the fluid motion of a group of Special Operator types navigate through a kill house. It is almost a magical dance for the spectator. Couple that with the ability to pull off some of those shots yourself? We are talking about all your worries and stress just melting away…….

Then come the self elected experts that tell you that the only hunting calibre rifle you will ever need is a .270……

Very few things can drive me over the edge as quickly as oppression, embracing ignorance as fact, or hypocrisy. Why do these .270, .300 WSM, and 7mm mag fanboys not understand that there really isn’t a “best gun to hunt everything” out there?

Let’s break it down a little bit. A .270 is a great round for smaller big game. It shoots quite flat up to 900 yards, normally shoots between a 130 – 150 gr bullet, and doesn’t have the recoil of the larger rifles. I get it. It is nice “everything gun” for kids, women and men who can’t handle bigger rifles. The problem is that the energy at longer ranges is on the low end of what is ethically needed for elk, moose, bear, etc. The same people that say “ethical shots and bullet placement is everything” are the same ones that say “you don’t need a larger calibre rifle because you can shoot grizzly with a 30-30” or whatever spews from their face. They are hypocrites. If you are truly an ethical hunter you would use the rifle calibre BEST suited for the game and not one on the lower end of capable.

Now for the WSM and 7mm crowd: Get a FUCKING LIFE! They are nice calibres, but so are the 30-06, 45-70, .300 Wby, .50 BMG and fucking .22 lr. Who cares if you own one and “only shoot this calibre?” It really doesn’t matter. I like them for what they are, but don’t tell me that the 7mm is better than a .338 Win Mag because it has less recoil. It also has a smaller weight bullet and less muzzle energy. Match your gun to your needs, people. Be happy for someone who buys a gun, likes it, and shoots it often. Just because you want everyone to become a card carrying member of your douche posse doesn’t mean that they are any less capable than someone else.

Wow……  That built up quickly, didn’t it? What should we rant about next? 10 mm fanboys? .40 douche nozzles? Hmmmm….  Seems like the list could be endless.


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