Big Daddy Hoss’s Bucksaw

by Woodsbum

Hello All!!!!!

Finally got a chance to get out and do a good review of BigDaddyHoss’s saw he is making. Since it was my birthday, I took the day off and drug the family out to the woods to play around. Of course it was quite squishy, so most of the pictures have a side order of mud and slime. I also messed up and forgot to turn off my GPS so my battery died about the time my son got the fire started. That means that you guys miss out on the fire, bacon/pepperoni sandwiches and Bailey’s with coffee…. Sorry…..

Well, I must say that the way that this saw is packaged makes it VERY easy to transport. I drilled a couple holes in the bottom of my pack frame to tie it. All the parts fold down and slide right into a very convenient cover. It literally is small enough that you could put it into a quiver or the straps on an M39 pack if wanted.

Packed size of the saw. Great packaging.

Packed size of the saw. Great packaging.

Here is a picture of the saw all put together. It is sitting on a few packs for size comparison:


Saw assembled. M39 and French rucksack for comparisons.

Saw assembled. M39 and French rucksack for comparisons.


The design has slots for the cross piece. This has always been what has “gotten” me in the past. Most saws don’t fit snug enough to keep the blade relatively tight and protected from my bear paws. This is why I have tended to use some sort of wire or chainsaw type bladed design. If you look at the way that this one is built, the inserts/slots keep the blade from being able to collapse. Now other saws use this design, but BigDaddyHoss did a really good job of fitting everything tightly enough to withstand my abuse. I really love the way he did this. It has saved the blade from being destroyed already.

Now here is one problem I have run into. It is with the pins and cold weather. In the cold and wet, the pins are difficult to get into place during assembly. I do like how there are metal pin holes, lanyard holes, or whatever you want to call them. Without these, assembly would be even more difficult in the wet and cold. It might just be one of my many issues with things, but it has caused me some curse words at times. Once it is assembled, I do sing its praises however. The tight fit is what makes it take the abuse I put out. As you can see from the pictures, it is pretty dirty and stained already.

The blade is tightened through the use of paracord that comes with the saw. There are a couple of notches for the cord to fit in and I was actually very skeptical as to whether it would stay in place. So far I have yet to make it slide or slip even slightly. This has been used in the rain, snow, sleet, and even for a short period of dry weather.

If you look closely you can see this thing just eating the wood. Seeing as how I never really use saws, but am more into axes and knives it takes a lot for a saw to impress me. I cut enough wood for afternoon in about half to a third of the time it normally takes me with an axe.

Me using the saw. Check out the dust flying from my cut.

Me using the saw. Check out the dust flying from my cut.

My main problems with saws have been my inability to really get it to stay together during use. I tend to bend bow saws and get annoyed with little hand saws. I have even tried making several buck saws like this, but have had always bent or broken the saw blade in no time. Now I understand that it all comes down to my crappy technique and vicious nature in which I try to use my tools. Bad Wayne… I get it. What impressed me is that this was the 5th or 6th time that I have used this saw and it has yet to break or even bend the blade. You guys can’t even comprehend how impressive this is to be able to withstand the hell I dish out.

You can see the wood chunks and saw dust at my feet. This was only a couple minutes of work… As in maybe five minutes with me directing my son on making a pot hook while I sawed.

You can see all the dust and what I cut in just a couple minutes.

You can see all the dust and what I cut in just a couple minutes.

Here is a good picture of it covered in mud and dirt along with an MP Direwolf and AS Mountaineer.

MP knife, Adventure Sworn Mountaineer, Big Daddy Hoss saw

Gear shot!!!

Well, here is the fire pit we put up and a small corner of the wood pile I made. The wife and son had taken off to find some good kindling.

Fire ring.

Fire ring.

So I assumed “the position” to wait.

Catching some ZZZZZZ's.....

Catching some ZZZZZZ’s…..

Here is the son building our fire. I took his firesteel away and made him use flint and steel.

The kid is blowing a piece of charcloth into flame with jute twine.

The kid is blowing a piece of charcloth into flame with jute twine.

Now if you are wondering why I put these last three pictures into a gear review, it is quite simple…… My phone died and I purposely make the son and wife keep theirs in the truck. “Why?” you ask. I have had to purchase several new phones for both of them due to water issues and losing them. Basically, they get grounded from their phones whenever we go out. This means that this picture was the very last one that I was able to take of our afternoon. Sorry again……

In wrapping things up, I highly recommend BigDaddyHoss’s saw. There are a few points to close with:
1) Small and easy to carry. The design regarding takedown and storage is impeccable.
2) Setting this up with cold fingers can be a little trying, but it is really a tight fit. The way it was designed, the blade (no matter how hard I seem to try during use) resists bending and breaking.
3) It is tough. I already dropped it off a bridge (long story – remember cold and snow?) and it didn’t even scar it up.
4) I love the Bahco blade. It cuts through wood like it was nothing. My wife was out there using it today as well. No problems and she loves it as well.
5) The craftsmanship is awesome and it really is sweet looking.

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To end it out, here is a good picture of the creek next to where we were playing around.

Creek below

Closing pic.

If you are interested in getting one of these fine saws, you can go here:

Thank you for looking.

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