AOD Wilderness Hoodie

by Woodsbum

Great news!!!  We have made a couple prototypes and now have a solid design for our AOD Wilderness Hoodies and AOD Wilderness Shirts.

To help us get a good perspective on functionality and fit we made several for testing. This guy got one as a prize at a bushcraft outing this last weekend.

Wilderness Hoodie

Wilderness Hoodie

He earned it after getting embers from all 7 different wood combination primitive fire kits that people had made and brought with them to the gathering. The hoodie is 80/20 wool blend and this particular one is unlined. This kangaroo pocket has a large zipper pocket inside to hold keys, firesteel, etc. Future AOD Wilderness Hoodies will have a little different pocket design made of lined canvas. The canvas pockets will have flap pockets on the outside with D-rings to attached lanyards to.

The flap of fabric you can see at the neck is designed to either fold down completely, attach 1/2 way up the hood to cover the neck, or can attach all the way up to turn into a face mask/hood combination.

All seams are flat sewn for comfort and each edge is bar tacked for strength. There are slits of the side to keep movement from being restricted while active.

As far as warmth and comfort, wool blend was chosen for both the Wilderness Hoodie and Wilderness Shirt. I wore mine to sleep in with only a summer overquilt in temperatures down to the mid 40’s and was perfectly comfortable. My shirt is flannel lined where as this particular hoodie is not lined at all. Lined or unlined will be an option as these beauties are made.

Final run of both hoodies and shirts will have the canvas pockets and an Age of Decadence patch sewn on the front to give it some style!

I will take some pictures of my AOD Wilderness Shirt this week to show you how the long, lined version looks and give a report.

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