Steve Tarani – Anatomy of Edged Weapons Defense Course

by Gunguy

A couple of months ago I took Steve Tarani’s Anatomy of Edged Weapons Defense Course at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH.  I used to carry a knife in the military and occasionally I carry one when I’m hiking outdoors. Even though I don’t carry a knife on a regular basis I’m still a firm believer of getting training in everything that you would use in a self defense situation. I took the class mostly for blocking and disarming techniques and I left the class with a great deal of knowledge regarding knife fighting in general.

My trip up to Epping, New Hampshire was pleasant since it’s a beautiful part of the country.

When I got to the Sig Sauer Academy I was greeted by the staff and directed to the class room. The class compromised of 16 people including myself. The class participants were varied and ran the gamut from a criminal prosecutor to a retired cop to a truck driver and several doctors. We started the weekends worth of training going over different states of mind, knife shapes and tips, graphic pictures of knife wounds and several stories of Steve Tarani’s training over seas. Steve was very personable and happily answered any questions that we all had.

After the class room training we went to a large indoor space and warmed up before drills.

The first day was spent practicing with fixed blades and folders. Steve had the Sharkee Dagger training knives for us on the first day and also an aluminum karambit trainer for the second day. The second day we trained with the karambit and we practiced escape techniques from single and multiple attackers.

Overall I had a great time and the training went by too quickly as it usually does when you are enjoying yourself. After only one day of training with the karambit I can tell you that I was apprehensive about carrying one on my person. The karambit is a vicious knife and I didn’t want to cut myself while practicing with it so I purchased one of the aluminum trainers Steve had for sale. Steve also had his specially designed karambit for sale at cost which is distributed by 5.11.

Here is the equipment list, a summary of the things we went over during the two days of instruction and some pictures of the equipment.

Equipment List

  1. Rigid professional training knife (non-flexible, not a toy) such as the “Sharkee Training Knife
  2. Personal folding or fixed blade carry knife
  3. Groin protection
  4. Eye protection
  5. Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
  6. Casual, comfortable civilian clothing suitable for training

Day One

  1. Orientation and Safety
  2. History of the Karambit and its modern application
  3. Carry and Deployment of the Karambit
  4. Grip and manipulation of the Karambit
  5. Effective use of the cutting edge and the point
  6. Safety and operation in daily (utilitarian) usage
  7. Basic Training in personal safety for close quarters altercations

Day Two

  1. Full review of Day One Materials
  2. Advanced personal safety training drills
  3. Disarming and take downs
  4. Real life threat scenarios and their solutions
  5. Defensive Tactics Problem solving
  6. Certificates of Completion

Spyderco Endura Training Knife


Steve Tarani Karambit Training Knife


Steve Tarani Karambit


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